How Human Design Changed My Life

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

This may come as a surprise but I did NOT like human design when I was first introduced to it two years ago. I was working at my 9-5 job and telling my coworker about my challenges with speaking up for myself and how I felt like my throat chakra was blocked. She immediately opened up a new tab on her computer and pulled up a website for free body graph charts. She said she wanted to see what my human design was and if it would correlate to my throat chakra blockage. I was curious and intrigued but felt underwhelmed by the graph I saw when she plugged in my birth details. I had my sacral center filled and some lower centers but my whole upper half of my chart was blank. Without having a deeper understanding of it I felt disempowered like I could never be able to speak my truth if I had a blank heart, throat and head space. She went on to tell my I was a generator and that this was the most common type. She read from the website's page that my profile would always go through happy and then melancholy phases. This all sounded pretty boring to me. Hearing that I was the most common type and that my life would ebb and flow through periods of highs and lows made me feel uninspired or excited about my potential and my life. I decided to cast it aside and not think about my human design anymore.

BUT the seed had been planted and I slowly started to hear more and more about it. I heard it from podcast hosts like Sahara Rose or Jordan Younger with the Balanced Blonde and I began listening to Aycee Brown's podcast' "Is my aura on straight" I still felt bummed that I was a generator as it sounded like the most boring and common type but I became more and more fascinated as I began to comprehend the depth and complexity of it. The gates and channels and profile numbers all intrigued me and I began to absorb as much info as I could find on it. I learned how to employ human design as a tool of empowerment to help me uncover my greatest version of myself. I have now received two human design readings, studied a great deal, and taken a course training to become a reader myself through the lovely Jenna Zoe. The biggest shifting point for me was learning about the advanced health system that's woven into human design. When I learned my digestion type that was truly game-changing for me in the way I understood nutrition and nourishment.

I began to integrate my strategy into my daily life and incorporate my digestion type into my daily decisions and my diet. I began to understand what was "energetically correct" for me and what was not and as I realigned with my blue print I've watched my life transform before my very eyes! When I was first introduced to human design by my coworker I was a sad, lost girl who felt so out of alignment with her truth and all I wanted more than anything was for someone to just tell me what my purpose was and what to do to get there. I felt like I had no sense of direction and I did not resonate with my job, my living space, my social life or my romantic partner. And now I'm living in a beautiful place that I love surrounded by an amazing community of friends that I resonate with so deeply and I have redefined my narrative of what my career could look like and have been building the foundations of my own dream career path.

Understanding my human design has given me the freedom and permission to fully embody and show up as myself in a way I never felt safe to before. It did not tell me what to do or where to go or who to be with, it simply reminded of who I am without conditioning from the outside world and offered me a roadmap of how to decondition from societal norms and expectations and recover my true nature. This has truly been a gift that keeps on giving as I am constantly learning more, and as my understanding continues to evolve and deepen I am able to step more fully into my best self. I'm also able to understand and help others in a way I could not before. In giving readings to my friends, family and clients I have been able to recognize their strengths and understand the best ways to communicate with them, how I can best help them and how they can best help themselves. Knowing your own design and the design of your loved ones can help you show up as a better caretaker for yourself, a better friend, lover, partner, parent, teacher or student. It can truly transform every area of your life! Everyone's chart is so nuanced and unique and each one of us has a beautiful and crucial role to play. I'm honored to get to share this gift with you and help you learn how to show up as your best self and make the most of your life!

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