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A lover of life and all things mystical

I offer a unique approach to health and wellness that recognizes and respects the individuality of everyone’s body and spirit. I merge human design and tarot with my health coaching practice to assist you in living in alignment with your body’s unique blueprint. My support and guidance is intended to give you the freedom to embody your optimal wellness and radiate your true purpose in everything you do.  I studied nutrition at Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I got certified in holistic health coaching and received an additional certification in gut health. I studied human design with Jenna Zoe and am a certified human design reader. I studied the art of intuitive readings, channeling, spirit guides, some shamanic healing practices, and more under Nikki Novo and am certified in her Soul Teacher training.

I grew up in California, with a strong intuition since childhood and through experiencing some great challenges with my emotional and physical health at age 20 I began a journey of self-healing and self-rediscovery. Slowly through my journey of adopting a sober lifestyle I began to reawaken, and in healing myself I began to heal those around me too. IIN was an integral part of my journey and starting my health coaching business three years ago has been an incredible stepping stone in my journey. My business has evolved from a standard health coach to a role of being a channel and guide in helping you know and understand yourself through human design, tarot, and messages from your own chakras and spirit guides and help guide you to do the inner work in order to transform and heal yourself in incredible ways!



"Working with Hana was such a powerful, enriching, and motivational experience. I felt that she was uniquely in-tune with her energetic gifts, and was able to channel that through her work, in order to guide me in reaching my highest self-worth and healing old wounds. Hana provided a safe environment, surrounded by positivity, and I naturally felt she was there to set me on a powerful path. She empowered me through the sessions, explaining things so thoroughly, and I walked away feeling incredibly hopeful and excited about my future. Through the sessions Hana emphasized that I have everything within me to lead a positive life and to heal old wounds. She held space for me and my thoughts, guided me through challenges, and made me feel understood and worthy. My advice is to go into a session with an open heart and be willing to listen. Her insight is so profound, you truly want to be able to go in willing to absorb what she is saying because she provides so much insight! Record the session, too! It’s amazing to hear back what is said and digest it at different stages of the process. I can't thank Hana enough for empowering me in so many ways."

Sarah S.

"Hana was so wonderful to work with! As cliche as it may sound to some, she really did help change my life. She introduced me to the "Integrative Nutrition Plate", which helped me mark which areas of my life needed help, i.e. spirituality, relationships, creativity. Hana's introduction to Ayurveda and the book she provided me with was SO IMMENSELY eye opening and informative! It's helped me reflect on foods that may have caused me harm in the past and also, the best ways for me to lead my days based on my body type. Hana is so patient and kind, working with her was a highlight of my week for sure! I would 100% recommend her program, it has truly made a positive impact on my life."

Cinthia T.

"Hana provided a powerful, intuitive, and moving tarot reading for me this morning. I felt as though she truly connected to my energy and channeled divine messages from spirit to help me move forward on my path. She read the cards in a way that related directly to my situation, and was not afraid to speak the truth. I felt heard, validated, and at ease with the messages I received and feel encouraged to keep moving forward on my path. Hana is a breath of fresh air, articulate, kind, and very intuitive. I would definitely work with Hana again!!"

Denise T.

"First off, thank you SO much for an incredible, self-learning experience. I came into it not knowing anything about human design and I wasn’t even sure if it was something I was going to like. But I liked it so much! Even if there were things that I didn’t immediately recognize in myself knowingly, it opened my eyes to a whole new way of listening to my mind and body. I’ve been working hard on what we talked about and I’m seeing a lot parallels. You were so good at explaining everything and keeping me interested in literally every aspect of it. We talked for 1.5 hours + and you’re really so knowledgeable and I trust you and your words. I learned so much about myself and it was really nice to hear about all the different types of people and comparing how I see myself to “my” design. I think everyone could use an experience like this with you because you made some things make sense that hasn’t made sense to me before and you genuinely seemed so interested in me and my design. I’m sure your other clients love that about you. Although I have a long way to go and lots of new things to test, I’m so excited about where it can take me. You’re truly an inspiration and I love how passionate you are about this, it truly shows. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me and for taking the time to help me get to know myself even better. You said we didn’t even get to touch in everything and that amazes me that there are so many layers to this. You opened up my eyes to a super interesting way of viewing things and I’m forever grateful. I’ll keep you updated on my process!"

Hannah H.

I recently had a human design reading with Hana and it was absolutely divine. This girl knows how to interpret a chart in the most soulful and expansive way. My mind is still blown with all the expansion that took place! Even as a working psychic, I felt like I dove into deeper waters than I ever have before. Please do yourself a favor and consider booking with her! Her heart is pure gold and radiates unconditional love. Love you, Hana!


Hana offered such an excited outlook on my Human Design body graph! She helped me see the pathways of my energy and how others in my family/household effect my own energy field and emotions. She offered insight to how me and my family operate together and to the ways in which I can utilize my energy to best succeed! She helped reinforce trust in myself and how I can look to my body for guidance. Hana is amazing to work with and has such a comforting energy, definitely recommend!

Niko B.



Intuitive Sessions 

 Please click the link below and send me a note with which service(s) you're interested in and 2-3 days & times you're available

and I will confirm a date with you within 48 hrs. 


Hours of Availability:

Mondays 6pm-8pm PST

Wednesdays 6pm-8pm PST

Sundays 10am-1pm PST

*Note: If  the above time slots conflict with your schedule, please reach out to me with your availability and I'll do my best to  accommodate



This session entails of an in-depth, intuitive reading of your human design chart and integrates it into your present life. You will leave feeling empowered with a deeper understanding of how you, your body and mind, best operate from fulfilling your purpose, making aligned decisions, to discovering your optimal digestion. You will have a clear understanding of how to live an aligned life, get in touch with your natural-born gifts and learn to make decisions in a way that's energetically aligned for you. This is a transformative experience and may take some time to fully integrate after the session. We can record the session for you to revisit at a later time.


75-90 minutes



This session will utilize a combination of Tarot and oracle cards, human design, astrology, channeling, guided meditation and intuitive coaching to give you the exact support you need. This can be focused on a specific area of your life such as health, career, love, etc. We can also focus a specific situation, decision or life event that you're inquiring about. We will start the session with you sharing a bit about what's going on and then I'll intuit which resources may be most helpful to you and use divination tools and coaching skills to help guide you to the healing and clarity you seek.

60 minutes




In this reading I will intuit which decks to use and can do specific spreads to help you gain clarity and insight on various aspects of your life. We will start the reading by setting an intention for what you hope to get out of the session. These readings can be very impactful and empowering! It's a great way to get in touch with your guides and highest self and receive the guidance you're looking for in general or in a specific area of your life.

30 minutes


Payments will be collected through Paypal prior to your service

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